Nexos Aerospace Group

Nexos Aerospace Group provides production Welding, Training, Contracting, Non Destructive Testing, and Educational services.

Nexos Techonologies designs and developes hardware and softare for the educational and training trade facilities.

Nexos Engineering provides internal support to assist with production infrastructure and to bridging the skills gaps found within the industries we serve; by looking at the overall goal in its highest vision and solving one systemic probelm.

Nexos CADMRO (Civilian and Defenese Maintenance Repair and Overhaul) educates and trains the international craftsmen in technical skilled. Secondarly, we restore end of life aircraft to preserve the evolution and progression of flight; we involve community organizations and educational facilities to participate and engaged in general aviation.

Nexos Flight Foundation gives the gift of flight and aviation career inspiration globally to communities. We provide career shadowding and exploration to individuals who have internest / calling in the Commercial / General Aviation, Space, Manufacturing, Engineering, Skilled Trades, Maintenance Repair, Pilot, or Flight Training careers.