Where Callings Meet Careers

Excellence is hired and developed

At Nexos Aerospace Group, our culture thrives on passion, commitment, and purpose. We believe in hiring individuals driven by a calling, not just seeking a job.

We hire for character and train for skill. With our focus on maintaining a zero percent turnover rate, we ensure that every member aligns with our mission, grows into their role, and contributes responsibly. We not only assess skills; we delve into individuals' characters, observe how they integrate with teams, and to enhance our culture.

Our workforce is not just a team; it's a symphony of passion, commitment, and purpose. At Nexos Aerospace Group, we believe in hiring individuals who aren't just seeking a job but are driven by a calling, similar to a jet engine, every element of our team harmonizes to create a force that propels us forward.

Understanding the hidden talents that are dormant within us, we create engaging environments that enhance learning and  individual growth.

We prioritize a work-life harmony for each member of our staff. 

Uniting a Purpose-Driven Team

Selecting Team Members

A Team that Propels Progress

Our teams function as a harmonious symphony of diverse talents, each contributing to a shared purpose. To ensure the best fit is found, educated, and incorporated; all members of staff dedicate their time and resources to ensuring the right fit. Below is an overview of our selection process: 

1) Inital internview is understanding character and individuals goals. focused technical and question focused. 

2) Interviewee interacts  directly with their respective team, while being immersed in their role for upto 5 days. 

3) Leadership, management and direct team members meet to ensure the right fit is found.  

The Hiring Process

Once the best fit is found, our teams work to ensure the individual is best prepared to fufill their role and ensure their responsibilities are completed with integurity.  Below is an outline of our training process: 

1) Hands on training first by experienced technically proficent team members, secondly by the individuals who are growing their skill set. This allows for a wide exposure to different techniques to capture different learning modalities and sharing of information. For the trainer this enhances their skills and often improves their perfomance and adds to their diverse skill set.  

2) Undersatnding of our processes, sequences of operations both prior and post their role. For our team to work together as a single unit "big picture" understanding is necessary. Our goal is for the individual to learn the "why" behing the "what" they are accomplishing each day. 

3) After qualification / certification our team members undergo an average of 360 hours of training to ensure  product integurity is understood and performed. 

The Training Process

A Journey of Growth and Learning

From Novices to Experts