Collaborated Excellence


is comprised of the following businesses / services:

Nexos Avian - Fusion Welding

Non-Destructive Testing

Civilian and Defense Maintenance Repair and Overhaul - C.A.D.M.R.O

Industries We Serve - Globally and Domestically

Commercial - General Aviation, Space Exploration, Governmental - NATO, Investment Casting - Foundries, Energy, Industrial Gas / Turbine, Power and Propulsion.

How We Serve

Production Support:

We assist with overflow production and absorbing production welding at our facility from our customer; allowing them to focus their time and resources on their core operations.

Customer Operational Support:

Contracting - Certified / qualified personnel to assist with production needs at your location.

Training - Our teams works closely with investment casting facilities to develop a custom welder training plan for production operators, qualification, and certification.

(e.g. A casting facility hires four production welders who need to be trained to AWS D17.1 and AMS 2694. The casting facilities weld department's focus is keeping production flowing through the weld department. Their welders to Nexos Avian for highly specailized training and certification to allow seamless integration to your weld department.) 


Training / Educational Facilities - We in harmony with businesses, governmental organizations, educational, and training facilities to understand the challenges their staff is facing, then we development real-world hands on training aids to enhance the skill and knowledge of the trainee.

Contracting Services
Non - Destructive Testing
Engineering -Technology
Maintenance Repair and Overhaul