G.T.A.W - TIG Welding for Original Equipment Manufactures / Maintenance Repair and Overhaul Operations of Critical Safety Items and Mission Critical components. Welding per AWS D17.1 and AMS 2694 of Class 1 Castings. " A casting, the single failure of which would the leives of operating personnel, or cause the loss of a missle, aircraft, or other vehical."

Specialization of Nexos Avian: Operational support of "in-process welding of castings" (AMS 2694) for the investment casting and foundry industries. Our welders were trained in casting weld preparation, welding, blending of castings, and non destructive testing per AMS 2694 and ASTME E1417.

Cast Weld Type and Product Families:

Weld - Groove, Edge Build Up, Thru - Go Hole, Patches, Sections, and Plates.

Products - Airfoils, Stators, Nozzles, Hubs, Fairings, Shrouds, Turbine Blades and Frames.

Casting Corrections: Cracks, Shrink, Porisity, Inclusions, Gas Holes, Miscuts, Dross, Cold Shuts, Hot Tears, and Handeling Damage.

Casting Preparation and Blending:

Our preppers and blenders take special care when working with castings to protect the base material and profile of the casting.

Alloy Group(s): IA - IB = Steels IIA - IIB = Stainless / Precipitation Hardening Steels IIIA - IIIB = Precipitation Hardening Nickel Steels IVA - IVB = Aluminum V = Cast Magnesium VI = Titanium VII = Cobalt

Weld Type(s): Groove Sheet - Cast, Fillet, Tube(s), Fillet on Tube, Edge Build-Up, Thru Go Hole(s).

Groove Position(s):

1G = Flat 2G = Horizontal 3G = Vertical 4G = Overhead

Fillet Position(s):

1F = Flat 2F = Horizontal 3F = Vertical 4F = Overhead

Groove in Tube Position(s):

1G = Horizontal Rolled 2G = Vertical 5G = Horizontal Fixed 6G = Inclined - Non Rotating

Fillet in Tube Position(s):

1F = Flat 2F = Horizontal 4F = Overhead 5F = Multiple