Cohesive Success Through Partnerships

Mission success thrives with collaboration and communication, in each of our processes across our departments, with all individuals involved.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond our walls, building resonance in partnerships that amplify our contribution.

Nurturing Partnerships

Global Contribution

leads to

Individual Engagement



Each individual of our team contributes to the our mission success everyday. Our employees, their knowlege, contribution, growth, health, and ambition are critical to  the products and service we offer. As our most valuable asset we invest heavily into their training and education. 

Each year our craftsmen, management and leadership attend conferences, trade shows, seminars, and continual training. 

The relationships we develop with our customers run deep. We develop and grow the  relationships with the individuals we work with. Our goal is continual growth and enhanced coorporative relationships that are value added across our networks. 



Local - Globally

Internal Engagement

External Engagement

As a team is it critical to our daily success that we function as highly effictive team. Each year our individuals, management and leadership develop their interpersonal skills to enahce our function as a single unit.

This is accomplished through personal development by attending workshops / seminars and personal growth; such as required reading and continued education of our leadership and management. 

Globally we are excited to support the countries investing in the aerosapce industry for the firstime. 

On the global level we look individually, each member of our time is excited to share their love of aerospace with the next generation of explorers, craftsman and leaders. 

Industry Affiliations

Across all departments at Nexos Aerospace, each employee is engaged and involved with at least one of the following association, committee, industry affiliation, and partnerships.

American Society of Quality

IAQG - International Aerosapce Quality Group

AWS - American Welding Society 

American Foundry Society

SAE International 

FAA - Federal Aviation Administration

ISO - International Organization for Standardization 

USDOC - Department of Commerce 

Economic Development - Locally / International 

GAMA - General Aviation Manufactuers Association 

AMC - Aviation Maintenance Conference

International Trade / Educational Shows 

Through these partnerships, we shape a legacy of collaboration, innovation, and progress.
By joining forces we illuminate pathways to project and mission success, collectivly as we navigate the unique challenges each customer faces.